Resources & Education

Help us win the fight by educating yourself on cancer and staying up to date on the latest developments in cancer research, treatment, and news. Here are some links we highly recommend checking out:

Best 50 Cancer Hospitals, Then & Now – This article compares the U.S. News & World Report list of highest-rated adult cancer treatment hospitals in 2000 with the same list in 2015.

What’s New In Breast Cancer Research & Treatment? – For brief but helpful information on how to reduce your risk of breast cancer, the newest imaging tests and treatments available, the latest studies and research, as well as possible causes of breast cancer, head to this website.

Breast Cancer Basics – Everyday Health is a great resource for those looking for articles that approach breast cancer from various angles. Whether you’re looking to learn more about breast cancer or wondering how you can best support those in your life who are battling the disease, you’ll find several helpful articles here.

Breast Cancer Research, Case Records & Clinical Studies – The New England Journal of Medicine has over 766 articles related to breast cancer and is a great resource for the latest in experimental treatments, case records, research, and clinical studies.

Breast Cancer Research & News – This website features thousands of breast cancer research and news articles and allows you to search by related topics, like chemotherapy, diagnosis, hormonal therapy, reconstruction, and more.

National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Patient Information – The National Cancer Institute provides an array of helpful information and articles on everything from the types and stages of breast cancer to treatment options, clinical trial information, and risk factors.

Breast Cancer Treatments – For summaries of and general information on the types of breast cancer treatments and therapies available, visit this WebMD resource.

Breast Cancer Basics, Research & More – MedlinePlus provides the latest breast cancer news, information on diagnosis and tests, prevention and risk factors, information on treatments and therapies, statistics and research, clinical trials, genetic information, and helpful articles on living with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments – This article from Medical News Today provides a very helpful general overview of the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for breast cancer.